Avon Scentini Citrus Chill, Rose Fizz, Plum Twist (2011): Shake Perfume Before Use {New Fragrances}

Avon_scentini_trio.jpgAvon have launched a new trio of fragrances inspired by happy hours and cocktails entitled Scentini. Citrus Chill, Rose Fizz and Plum Twist debut with the tag line "A fruity fragrance cocktail! Shake it up…spritz it on…let the fun begin!" Not content with proposing to metaphorically shake things up a bit, Avon actually insist you need to shake the scents before using them because..."The fragrance should be shaken before use, because it is designed as a cocktail of different fragrant layers."...

The flacons seem to contain differentiated textural carriers of scent. If you have already experimented not shaking the perfumes before using them, tell us what the difference is.

Citrus Chill edt is described as "An invigorating splash of juicy mandarin mixed with exotic passionflower and warm amber. Citrus/floral." Notes are: mandarin, red orange, guava leaf, passionflower, apple blossom, amber and transparent musk.

Rose Fizz edt is "A sparkling fragrance cocktail of fresh rose petals, sun-kissed peach and sexy woods. Fruity/floral." Notes: pineapple, mango, peach, rose, violet and white trees.%

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