125 Years Later, Mercedes-Benz will Launch its First Fragrance Line {Perfume News}

Mercedes_benz_1988_ad.jpgMercedes-Benz have taken the historical step on June 21, 2011 to sign an agreement to launch their first fragrance collection, 125 years after their foundation. Mercedes-Benz-Daimler are already noted for their presence in the world of fashion thanks to their sponsorship of fashion week and sports events. The INCC Group have obtained the license agreement to develop, manufacture and distribute the first ever fragrance line for the Mercedes-Benz brand worldwide...


The group describe themselves as a lifestyle perfume manufacturer. They are located in France, in the outskirts of Paris, not far from the Château de Versailles. Its president and CEO, Rémy Deslandes said, quoting Hegel,

"Nothing great has ever been accomplished without passion, 125 years after the creation of their first automobile, Mercedes-Benz will enter the fragrance world. I am thrilled and excited by this given responsibility and it is with passion that I will meet our business partners at the TFWA in Cannes this September to witness together the birth of a perfume star.”

According to the press release, "Last year Rémy Deslandes decided to expand the company business into the selective market acquiring licensing rights from premium brands. In 2012, INCC Group will be entering the selective market with Mercedes-Benz Perfumes."

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