Henry Jacques Haute Parfumerie Française Goes Public with Classiques de HJ & Couture de HJ & Ad by Studio Harcourt (2011) {New Fragrances}


Henry Jacques Haute Parfumerie Française was up until now a very confidential French perfume house based in Draguignan in the south of France, which since 1975 had been catering exclusively to moneyed royalty, aristocracy and celebrities. This perfumery for the establishment which had been specializing in custom orders has decided to become more accessible, although their luxury credo remains intact. But instead of paying 50 000 Euros for a 200 ml flacon of elixir, you'll be able to purchase perfumes priced between 500 Euros for 15 ml and 6000 Euros for 100 ml, a significant mark down. The two newly commercialized lines are called Classiques de HJ and Couture de HJ...



The brand founded by Henry Cremona, unsurprisingly, believes in sourcing the finest ingredients from all over the world stating that a perfumer is first of all a great traveler. Their taste for the exclusive is apparent in their partnership with prestigious crystal-makers such as Baccarat and Daum who create for them objects of beauty. Their sense of indulgence is also a reflection of the taste of their clientèle. Laurent Smal, the head of Henry Jacques Création recounts how he's been asked to create perfumed shampoos for Arabian thoroughbreds and camels or to deliver a custom-ordered flacon of perfume at the foot of a jet specially sent for that purpose. Madonna, Richard Gere, Stallone and Julia Roberts patronize the house. Like for a Swiss banker, discretion, diligence and dedication seem to be key to merit a clientèle composed of the wealthy.

Classiques de HJ is said to be a selection of the most beautiful creations by the house. Couture de HJ was reportedly created in the spirit of haute couture. It includes "12 exceptional formulae found in a "chest " storing infinite olfactory treasures accumulated by 5 generations of perfumers."

The brand turned to Studio Harcourt to send out the message of their luxury perfumery. In the commercial shot by Bérenger Brillante and Antoine Carpentier, a photographer becomes fascinated by his model and the magical powers of perfume.

You can read more about the house here (in French.)

Henry Jacques have also created an online presence at Parfums Henry Jacques

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