Diesel Fuel for Life Denim Collection for Him & Her (2011): Did You Say Subtle? {New Fragrances} {Perfume Images & Ads}


Diesel_denim_duo_2.jpgThe Diesel Fuel for Life franchise launched a new duo for men and women called the Denim Collection, with the tag line, "The new sexy fragrance." Denim for Him is a woody citrus and Denim for Her is a woody floral. The playful advertizing campaign seems to prefer to bypass the word "subtle" in its vocabulary. Inspired or not by the ad for Marc Jacobs Bang, the male model, Marlon Teixeira, uses the Denim bottle as yet another oversized codpiece...



We knew many masculine fragrance bottles offer phallic shapes, but the new it thing to do in perfume advertising apparently is to spell it out.

Denim for Him Eau de Toilette has notes of fruity raspberry, lavender, aromatic rosemary, star anise, fresh lemon, dry woods. 44.95€/ 59.90€ for 50 and 75 ml


Denim for Her Eau de Toilette, whose face is model Marloes Horst, has notes of raspberry, jasmine petals, cassis, sun-ripened tangerine, dry woods, ambergris. 49.95 €/ 64.90€ for 50 and 75 ml.

Here are the sexy and the water versions of the commercial shot by Melina Matsoukas for the fragrances,


You can discover more of the campaign on the site Diesel Fragrance Factory

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