Marc Jacobs Accepts to Become a Classic, Hints at a Vuitton Perfume {Fragrance News}

Lola_Jacobs_Someday_Bieber.jpgLola by Marc Jacobs & Someday by Justin Bieber: spotted resemblance


The recent announcement that pop singer Justin Bieber was to launch his signature perfume named Someday called attention to the fact that the bottle for the scent bore a striking resemblance to that of Lola by Marc Jacobs. Jacobs noticed that too but he is not going to go against the grain of Bieber's popularity and good intentions, as Someday's proceeds will benefit charities. So, neither Jacobs nor Coty will be launching a copyrights lawsuit against the teen idol. Quoting Coco Chanel -- the quintessentially reproduced style icon -- Jacobs prefers to accept his fate as an obvious success and soon-to-become classic, if the copying goes on...


In an interview given to WWD on June 1, 2011, when Marc Jacobs was asked straighforwardly by Bridget Foley if the Bieber bottle reminded him of anything, he answered,

"Yep, yep. We just had a conversation about it. Coty said, “Do we sue them?” and I said, “You know what? Let everyone else say what they want.” I received Google [Alerts] about people saying it was derivative. We’re not going to do anything about it."

Jacobs_Duffy_Savage_Beauty_A.jpgWhen the journalist probes further insisting that the flacon is the spitting image of Lola, Jacobs invokes Chanel who thought that creation was always derivative, to some extent -- one might argue about how many degrees of separation and metamorphosis is desirable though. Chanel also expressed her dislike at being copied yet at the same time knew it was a phenomenon that would reinforce the iconicity of her style,

"But you know, I look around the room and I look at the work we’ve done and a quote I always bastardize but I really believe in, is something Chanel said: “He who insists on his own creativity has no memory.

Marc Jacobs revealed in passing that Vuitton are looking at the possibility of launching a perfume brand "There’s no Vuitton Beauté. At this moment, there is no fragrance although we’re working on that."

Daisy Eau So Fresh, in the Marc Jacobs portfolio, has made history as "the most successful flanker ever," "And I just had a meeting with Coty. They presented us with the position of Daisy Eau So Fresh and said we were the most successful flanker ever. Flanker is a new word for me, too."


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