Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico (2011) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}


jean-paul-gaultier-kokorico.jpgFashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier will launch a new men's perfume this fall, dubbed Kokorico.

The name is a reference to the rooster's cry in French, "Cocorico", and is sometimes used to punctuate the end of a sentence in French to express a gung-ho, playful feeling of national pride as the rooster is a symbol of France. In the context of Jean Paul Gaultier's plays on masculinity, there is of course the added connotation of the rooster being a symbol of the male and his sexuality...


One of Jean Paul Gaultier's pillar fragrances and a modern classic of masculine perfumery is Le Mâle. In 2007, Les Fleurs du Mâle launched as its flanker, offering what was purported to be a gender-bending floral twist on the original.

"Kokorico" is also, in a more indirect way, a possible wink in the direction of the onomatopeia which became Coco Chanel's name, like a private joke made within the fashion and perfumery worlds.

The cologne is advertized as a gourmand, woodsy-cacao fragrance. Added: it was composed by perfumers Olivier Cresp and Annick Menardo.

The head notes feature fig leaves for energy. The heart showcases a raw and bitter cacao bean note to create an aphrodisiac sensation. The base notes are woods, for virility and power.

The Jean Paul Gaultier parfums brand has recently been purchased by Puig.


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