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The relationship of cigarette to perfume is multi-faceted. You can abhor the scent of smoke because it signals poison. You can love it because it is atmospheric. Perfumers have tried to bottle it. They are also far from being purists and smoke, sometimes. The famous Tabac Blond by Caron was inspired by the scent of Viriginian cigarettes. Habanita by Molinard even started out as a scent for cigarettes. So, somehow the new ban on smoking in New York City which went effective on May 23, 2011 ought to be reported on a perfume blog, we feel, because it will inevitably influence the quality of the air, the way people smell in NYC, the way people will perceive bottled fragrance. That is, if the ban is rigorously enforced. Apparently, it isn't so far. The municipality has said that 2011 will see the "summer of warnings" unfold before the law decides to crack down on smoke offenders for real...


Despite the devil-may-care attitude that has welcomed the new law, the City is hoping that people will self-enforce. The Wall Street Journal takes the pulse of the city a month later,

"In the first month of New York City's new smoking ban in 1,700 parks and along 14 miles of beaches, the city has issued a grand total of one ticket.

That single ticket went to a newspaper photographer who had been goading officials to issue a ticket, a spokeswoman for the city's Parks and Recreation Department said. The new ban—spanning parks, beaches, marinas as well as pedestrian plazas such as in Times Square—took effect May 23."

in City's Ban on Smoking called an 'Absolute Joke.'

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart takes a more humorous approach, probing the depth of contradiction of the law. The video reportage by Samantha Bee aims to reveal the questionable sense of priorities of the City. It's fun, but it's also stark when you focus on the background images.

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