Kim Kardashian Channels Glorious 50s in New Fragrance Commercial {Perfume Images & Ads}




Kim Kardashian has been spotted shooting for her new fragrance commercial which recreates all the elements of a retro 1950s atmosphere. The reality TV star asked her fans on Twitter who they thought she was channeling. It looks to us like she could be impersonating Elizabeth Taylor (body), with a dash of Ava Gardner (face) and Veronica Lake (hair) and a smidgeon of Sophia Loren (curves & shoes)...


kim_kardashian_commercial_2A.jpgThe goal was to aim for "old school glam." The makeup is by makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.




kim_kardashian_commercial_6A.jpgWe get a peek at the signature red sole of the Louboutin shoes.

The shoot took place in Los Angeles, California on July 10, 2011.

Pictures by Michael Bezjian

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