Yves Rocher Moment de Bonheur Pays Homage to the Queen of Flowers (2011) {New Fragrance}


Yves Rocher will launch a new women's perfume from September 2011 called Moment de Bonheur (Moment of Happiness.) The scent is dedicated to the beauty of rosa centifolia from Grasse. The composition is by perfumer Annick Menardo, who is known for being a brilliant and inventive perfumer...

The name of the fragrance comes from the realization of pure happiness that smelling a freshly picked rosa centifolia at dawn can create in you, with its nuances of "honeysuckle, vanilla, peach flesh, peppery dragée, artichoke steeped in Madeira wine." The floral accord is showcased by woody notes of patchouli and cedar.

moment_de_bonheur_bottle.jpgAt the same time, the composition is not literalist but aims at creating an abstract, "dream flower" represented on the packaging of the perfume. The composition's meaning is to encourage you to seize the fugacity of happiness.

Due to the increasing limited available supply for the cultivar, the fragrance is priced at a higher point than usual for Yves Rocher fragrances. Only a few dozens of kilos of essences are available each year. The full advertising image likewise seems to get closer to the glamorous standards of designer perfumes, offering a wide panoramic view of the golden dome of the Invalides and Alexandre III bridge in Paris.

A 50 ml EDP is 45€ and a 30 ml EDP is 30€.

Annick Menardo previously created another rose-focused fragrance for the brand, Rose Absolue, not to mention Comme Une Evidence and Un Jour se Lève.

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