Latest Dior is an Addict to Life (2011) {New Fragrance}


dior_addict_to_life_ad.jpgThis summer Dior released a new flanker to Dior Addict (2002) called Dior Addict to Life. Playing on a transparent, lilac palette of colors for the packaging, the eau de toilette features a note of lilac flower as well. The advertising fronted by model Karlie Kloss pays homage to a dark, sultry and vampy look.

"Dior Addict to Life unveils a new olfactory explosion of petals with a sillage of energy and elegance. As an 100% addictive elegant floral, it a fragrance that unfurls like a bouquet of extremely noble flowers."...


dior_addict_to_life_ad_2.jpgThe perfume was composed by nose François Demachy (see profile.) The scent is described as a fresh, radiant floral.

Main notes are jasmine, lilac, rose, white musk.

Of course, one will notice that to illustrate the idea of being addicted to life, the brand has decided to push a consumerist poster for the fragrance (see first picture.) It unwittingly makes it look like the translation of the name for the perfume is "addicted to shopping." We need more fragrance advertising with people actually smelling something in the ads, especially when you mention life.

The scent is available at Sephora for $40, $69 and $90.

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