Shipwrecked Perfumes to be Analyzed {Fragrance News}

shipwreck_perfume.JPGMarine archeologists found a luxury-goods stash on the Mary Celestia which was shipwrecked in 1864. Among the contraband items were two intact bottles of perfumes. One of them is still very much available, Florida Water by Murray and Lanman, and the other one still needs to be fully identified by fragrance expert David Pybus in the U.K, who also worked on scents found in the ruins of the Titanic....

"The oldest known sample of this famous American eau- d’vie, the bottle’s discovery was a revelation to the cologne company, which recently celebrated its 203rd year in business.

Now known as Lanman & Kemp-Barclay, Inc. and located in New Jersey, the company still makes Florida Water based on their original 1808 formula, and have offered to work with the team to analyze the contents of the bottle from Mary Celestia.

Analysis of the other bottle of perfume, with a clear liquid inside, sealed by a glass stopper has begun. Working with renowned perfume historian David Pybus in the U.K., who also analyzed intact perfume from the wreck of the Titanic, it appears that this bottle contains the oldest known sample from a now defunct high end London perfumery founded in the 1850’s."

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