Stila Crème Bouquet is Back in 2011 {Fragrance News}

Stila_creme_Bouquet.pngThe trend of bringing back to market perfumes that are discontinued yet enduringly beloved in response to popular demand is being confirmed with the return of Crème Bouquet by Stila.

The beauty brand unknowingly created a cult favorite when it launched the fragrance meant to be "versatile", "pretty" and "feminine" in 2002 together with Jade Blossom. The latter is still available as a Hair Refresher. Crème Bouquet was discontinued ca. 2008...



There were so many complaints about the disappearance that it seems that Stila decided it was worthwhile to overcome the sourcing issue they had confessed having.

Followers of the scent rave about its perfect balance of vanilla and floral notes and its light, feminine character which make people notice what perfume they are wearing.

"The lovely Crème Bouquet fragrance is warm and sweet, with a delicate blend of vanilla, pink lilac, and lily of the valley. Each glass bottle is decorated with hand-pressed, dried flowers that represent the floral elements inside. You're guaranteed to come out smelling sweet."

A 50 ml of Eau de Parfum is priced at $40. A 11ml rollerball is priced at $16. The latter is only available online at


"For only $36 (a $56 VALUE), you get BOTH the Creme Bouquet 50ml bottle and the Creme Bouquet roller ball (11ml)."

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  1. "Crème Bouquet" was first introduced in the 90's! I think another one of their scents, "Midnight Bloom", was introduced in 2003 or 2004/5. They recently changed the bottle of "Crème Bouquet", but it still has the same fresh, creamy-sweet juice inside, with very little alteration (it's ever-so-slightly fresher, which could be explained by the "sourcing issue" situation).

    I love this brand; it's fun but not bubble-gum, teeny bopperish and their scents make me think of starry evenings out. I'm glad the Stila crew is remembering the brand's specific charm.


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