Stila, The Positive & Pretty Palette for Breast Cancer Awareness Month {Beauty Notes - New Makeup}

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stila_breast_cancer_3.jpgLadies, you are going to see quite a bit of pink in the coming weeks. Stila have released a limited-edition makeup palette ahead of Breast Cancer Awareness Month called the Positive and Pretty Palette. The bandage dress on the cover is a nice touch as it ties in well with the beauty-cum-public-health theme while looking fashion current...

The combination of antique pinks for the cheeks and the taupe eyeshadows will make you look both healthy and natural.

"Stay positive and pretty with this limited edition palette. Created exclusively for Breast Cancer Awareness month, this palette will leave you looking and feeling beautiful from the inside out.

A portion of the proceeds from this palette will go to breast cancer research and the betterment of women living with cancer."

The palette contains 4 eyeshadows: Gift, Passion, Positive, Beauty; 1 cheekcolor in Pretty; a highlighter/bronzer: Empower. There are also a mirror and a facechart.

Best of all, it retails for only $14 instead of $62, which turns it into a very giftable beauty product.

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