Teaser for the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Commercial {Perfume Images & Ads}

taylor_swift_shoot.jpgThe commercial for Wonderstruck the debut fragrance by Taylor Swift is already making people feel good about everything enchanted and mysterious. The comment by Phoebelol1 on You Tube made me chuckle: "Now I know that christmas will smell nice ;)."

In the film, the singer plays the role of a new Alice in Wonderland crossing the passage of a magical mirror thanks to perfume. Yes, close your eyes and try doing that at home. Sometimes it works when the perfume is poetical and evocative enough. Also, check out after the jump for a pic of Taylor having her makeup done and the scoop on the beauty prep...


taylor_swift_makeup.jpgHere's the scoop about Taylor Swift's beauty prep: her hair was done by Jemma Muradian at Rona Represents while her makeup was created by Fulvia Farolfi.

The shooting took place at Woolworth Mansion Long Island, NY. 

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