Bond No. 9 Create Sixth Scent in the Andy Warhol Series (2011) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}


andy_warhol_bond_no9_ok.jpgThis December 2011, Bond No.9 will launch the 6th perfume in the Andy Warhol series which debuted in 2007 with Andy Warhol Silver Factory. The theme of inspiration this time is the modern art of the autoportrait courtesy of the photo booth and the industrial vision of Warhol.

"World-famous for his silkscreen portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Mao,
Jackie O, John Lennon, and Princess Di, among other celebrities whose photos he burnished for posterity in the Pop Art style he pioneered, Andy Warhol also frequently recorded his own tow-headed image throughout his career. His angular, dispassionate face, sometimes framed in
sunglasses, is perhaps more familiar not only to the art world, but to the general public, than any
other artist’s in history."....

"So the time was right for an eau de parfum that’s an ode to Warhol himself, with an
image of the artist himself on the bottle. The picture we chose, repeated on each side, is a photo-
booth portrait of a youngish, clean-cut, Mad Man-esque Warhol, circa 1963 - 1964, when he
was 35, wearing sunglasses, along with the era’s essential trench coat, white business shirt, and
tie. Photomat pictures like this one, whose images are repeated with or without subtle variations
from shot to shot, opened up a new creative approach for Warhol, as was soon evidenced in his
series and multi-panel portraits—such as his Jackie and flower paintings.&qu

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