Hermès 24, Faubourg Eperon d'Or Limited Edition (2011) {Fragrance News - New Flacon}


24_Faubourg_eperon_d'or.jpgHermès 24, Faubourg is so much steeped in classicism and grand French perfumery tradition, that it is hard to believe it was launched only in 1995. If you want to experience what "timeless" smells like as in "timeless elegance", this is one to inhale...

For Holidays 2011, Hermès have released a limited-edition flacon of the eau de parfum fragrance which becomes the new glass surface for a silk-carré motif. Eperon d'or means "gold stirrup." The house started as a saddlery in 1837.

"Named for the address of the first store in Paris, Faubourg Saint Honoré, 24 faubourg represents a romantic saga, a sensual story. It is a fragrance of radiance and light, the expression of a high noon sunny day.

"Éperon d'Or", the Hermès carrè designed by Henry d'Origny, brings to life a new edition of the 24 Faubourg bottle. Spurs, stirrups and buckles trace a rosette within a square of glass. "

Price: $165. Available at Neiman Marcus.


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