Soul 2 Soul Faith Hill & Soul 2 Soul Tim McGraw (2012) {New Fragrances} {Celebrity Perfumes} {Men's Cologne}

Faith_Tim_Soul_2_Soul_OK.jpgHusband and wife Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have teamed up this time not just to tour together but to launch a new duo of fragrances around Valentine's Day 2012 to symbolize their matrimonial union and soulmate relationship.

The country stars had mentioned in the past wanting to do a collaborative scent project, maybe an unisex potion representing both of them. After testing the waters in the spring of 2011, it seems, with a commercial event which involved sets of their fragrances being sold next to each other with their own DVDS, they are now set to release Soul 2 Soul Faith Hill and Soul 2 Soul Tim McGraw. The country stars explained the name as being a code word for any joint projects they have undertaken since the initial Soul 2 Soul tour....


The two singers wanted the fragrances to include scents that are all-American, and in particular, which are typical of the olfactory atmosphere of the South. "Southern" notes include oak tree, rosewood and Georgia white peach.

But more than individual notes or technical composition, what they are aiming for are emotions and memories. A common note of immortelle or Everlasting Flower in both fragrances is meant to symbolize their enduring love. McGraw said,

"With music, you sort of figure out what you want to say and what kind of an emotion you want to inspire, and I guess that’s probably the way in which [music and fragrances are] most alike. What emotion are you trying to inspire here? How do you want this song to make you feel? It’s the same way with creating a scent. It’s all about emotions.”

“And memories,” added Hill."

mcGraw_faith_hill_3.jpgSoul 2 Soul Faith Hill (white label) is "a floral fruity fragrance with top notes of Georgia white peach and grapefruit; a heart of everlasting flower, princess rose and lotus flower, and a drydown of cucumber and sensual sandalwood."

Soul 2 Soul Tim McGraw (Black label) is "an aromatic woodsy fragrance which opens with notes of spicy bergamot, white pepper and blackberry brandy accord; a heart of everlasting flower, oak tree, saffron and cilantro, and a drydown of sensual woods and musks."

Both fragrances are eaux de toilette available in three sizes — 0.5 oz. for $18, 1 oz. for $24.50 and 1.7 oz. for $31.50 — and will be sold in about 16,000 mass market doors in the U.S.


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