Yves Saint Laurent Relaunch 8 of their Classics to Create a XY & XX Checkerboard (2011) {New Fragrances}

YSL_Huit_Fragrances_Cultes.jpgYves Saint Laurent have dived into their past to propose a new collection of fragrances regrouping eight of their classics. There are four feminine scents and four masculine ones. The women's perfumes are housed in opaque, cubic beige bottles while the men's are in their equivalent black opaque ones. The point here was to suggest a checkerboard of perfumes on which men and women either cross by each other or engage each other...


The feminine fragrances which have been brought back are: Y (1964), Yvresse (1993), In Love Again (1998), and Nu (2001). A cursory smelling session reveals that the relaunches are faithful, with a certain brighter and newer quality to them.

ysl-m7-oud-absolu.jpgThe masculine colognes are: Pour L'Homme (1971), Jazz (1988), M7 (2002), rebaptized M7 Oud Absolu to stress its key component now that oud perfumes are amounting to a tidal wave on the landscape of contemporary perfumery. YSL visibly want to remind customers that they were early adopters and trend-setters. Lastly, Rive Gauche pour Homme (2003) is also back in town.

Prices are 65€ and 85€.

Via Boursorama; parfum-homme.prime-beaute

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