Christmas Fragrance Shopping Guide 2011 {2}: Mugler Metamorphosis Collector {Perfume Shopping Tips}

Womanity_collector_2011_Ok.jpgPrice: 69€

Thierry Mugler have issued a collection of bejeweled fragrance bottles for the holidays 2011 entitled "Mugler Metamorphosis Collector."

Each of their iconic feminine perfumes comes with an accessory:...

Angel_Collector_2011_Ok.jpgWomanity sports a chain necklace, Alien a cuff bracelet, and Angel a chain bracelet adorned with the brand's signature star for the eau de parfum, and a star brooch for the extrait....

Prices: 71,60€ for 25 ml, 101€ for 50 ml.


Price: 71,60€ and 101€


 Price: 180€

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