Dana 20 Carats To Be Relaunched Complete with Gold Flakes (1933/2011) {New Fragrance}

Dana_20_carats_visual.jpgDana Fragrances are preparing to relaunch their classic perfume from the 1930s best remembered by the collective consciousness for its gold-flake filled flacon. The reissue is a limited-edition one and is being offered with the tag line, "A rush of gold to the senses."

Isn't it fitting that a perfume initially meant to project an image of decadent richness in the midst of the Great-Depression era is coming back to market when the collapse of the Euro zone is debated every day, with all of its potential international consequences?...

"20Carats is a brilliant, genuine 20Carat gold-flake filled fragrance that captures the essence of richness. A dazzling mixture of flowers-fruit-and-moss tones, 20Carats has a mystical way of making every woman feel and smell rich.

20Carats elegantly yields three memorable dimensions of fragrance: a rich topnote,that slowly blends into a fresh, warm, heartnote, and finally, lingering, woodsy/mossy notes."

The original 20 Carats composition was designed to be a feminine fougère, a much rarer sight these days since the genre has become overwhelmingly masculine. Sarah Jessica Parker made the attempt to re-introduce a modern fougère for women with gourmand overtones in 2007 with Covet.

20 Carats is said to be "Coming Soon" and can be pre-ordered at the special discount price of $30 at danaclassics.com.

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