New Dior Addict Campaign Flaunts Retro-Conservative Values with the Glam Side of the Late 50s-60s {Perfume Images & Ads}

dior_addict_daphne_jpgPaparazzi were able to steal a snapshot from the set for the new advertising campaign for Dior Addict featuring young Dutch model Daphne Groeneveld who is just 16. She was pretending to feel warm in a retro bathing suit on a beach in November in Saint Tropez...

What has filtered from the highly-guarded shooting scene is that the film willl rather safely reenact the myth of the Eternal Feminine, Brigitte-Bardot style the way she played it in Et Dieu Créa La Femme by director Roger Vadim shot in 1956.

Advertising agencies seem to be running out of ideas, have a gregarious reflex or be mesmerized by the French New Wave of the late 50s and 60s because it's become a safe bet to use elements of that mystique in perfume commercials. Not to mention the Lancel campaign with BB, karl Lagerfeld styling Georgia May Jagger as BB or Gisèle Bündchen posing as BB on the May 2011 cover of Elle Brazil.

Versace Vesus, Nina Ricci L'Air, Victoria's Secret Gorgeous and now Dior Addict (one of its flankers actually in the pink, sheer bottes), all perfumes for young women, are literally singing the praises of their grand-mothers.

To us, it points to a desire to tap into a clean, safe, and established youth culture aged more than 50 years old.

Instead of going on the street to try and understand what the current youth culture is about, the people behind the manufacturing of these images offer stills from a glamorized past with little to no connection with the current whiffs of counter-cuture that made these references alluring then. On top of that it commercializes anything non-commercial that was expressed by the risk-takers of the 50s-60s.

We can expect beautiful, make-believe images shot by director Jonas Akerlund instead of being offered the opportunity to sense the energy and nowness of young people who might want to wear Dior Addict today.

Is it that surprising when TV series like Mad Men and the more recent Pan Am have turned into look-books of reference on style and manners for a portion of the beginning of the 21st century?

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