Miller Harris La Pluie, La Fumée (2011) {New Fragrances}

Miller_Harris_La_Pluie.jpgBritish niche perfumery Miller Harris have launched two new perfumes this year which take inspiration from the elements, rain and smoke. They are called in French La Pluie and La Fumée.

I will reproduce the official descriptions of the Eaux de Parfum for referencing sake, but I find them to be curiously discrepant when compared with the scents themselves. While both perfumes sound like they would be akin to complex impressionistic paintings, they are much more straighforward and familiar in persons...

I will actually write a further post after this one to point out their curious similarities with two other new perfumes by another brand.

La Pluie

"Conjuring the inky blue-black of clouds heavy with rain and the heightened sense of expectancy before a thunderstorm, this fragrance is richly suggestive of tropical showers and the balmy climate of a far away island. Top notes of bergamot Italy, tangerine, lavender and a hint of blé absolute (wheat) refresh the heart of wet, white flowers. The centrepiece is a tropical accord of ylang ylang absolute from the Comoro islands, framed by Egyptian cassie absolute, jasmine absolute and Tunisian orange flower. The warm and sensual base is finally revealed with vetiver bourbon and vanilla bourbon which take their name from their country%

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