Frédéric Malle Pens Book De L'Art du Parfum / On Perfume Making (2011) {Fragrant Reading}

Frederic_Malle_perfume_making.jpgThe founder of Editions de Parfums Est. 2000, Frédéric Malle, has written a book about the creative process surrounding his perfumes called Frédéric Malle De L'Art du Parfum. Angelika Books proposes English and German editions for perfume aficions as well.

The book debuts tomorrow with a foreword by actress Catherine Deneuve and illustrations by Konstantin Kakanias...

eau_d'hiver_kakanias_ok.jpgL'Eau d'Hiver

Catherine Deneuve is well-known for her predilection for perfume. She used to be faithful to L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain until she encountered the high level of craftsmanship and sense of the beautiful perfume offered by Editions de Parfums.

iris_poudre_kakanias_ok.jpgIris Poudre

Each of the 18 personal fragrances edited by the house are presented in detail with Frédéric Malle giving insights into his collaborative work with each perfumer. Some of the material that appears in the book seems to have been directly excerpted from the house's press releases, which are unusually technical and detailed within the industry, while new details appear.

en_passant_kakanias_ok.jpgEn Passant

Konstantin Kakanias is a fashion illustrator who has worked for Vogue, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix and more. He's participated in the comic book by Diane Von Furstenberg, Be the Wonder Woman you can Be.

112 pages.

Price: 98€ / $150.

Available for pre-orders at In Paris, it will be available in the Malle boutiques and at library Galignani.

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