Boss Orange Woman & Man Today. To Help. Together. Limited-Edition for UNICEF & Schools for Africa {Fragrance News} {New Flacons}

boss_man_woman_unicef.jpgContinuing their partnership with UNICEF, the Boss Orange franchise is launching a new duo of re-designed bottles of Boss Orange Man and Woman this month to help spread the message of solidarity contained in their action.

2012 is devoted to upping the ante on their humanitarian program, going from supporting a school of 50 children in Madagascar in 2011 to a much larger goal of 60 000 children this year, in the same place and through the same project, Schools for Africa...


The limited-edition is entitled in the style of a political slogan: "Today. To Help. Together." The bottles are used like walls covered with activist, inspirational graffiti seemingly traced with a felt pen: "Today. To Live together. To Smile. To Hope"

Orlando Bloom and Sienna Miller are the brand ambassadors as well as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors for the project.

The meshing of UNICEF and a perfume brand, which may come across as slightly unexpected, is usually encouraged by the semiotics of fragrance bottles. Parfums Clayeux Frimousse in 2008, a children's scent, was in a similar partnership.  Boss Orange, the name, expresses optimism through its zesty color.

The Boss Orange Man is "spontaneous, passionate and energetic." The fragrance features notes of crisp apple/ coriander / frankincense, Szechuan pepper / vanilla bean, bubinga wood.

The Boss Orange Woman is "passionate and emotional." The perfume has notes of sweet apples / white florals, orange blossom / sandalwood, olive wood, vanilla.

"At least 1.03€" from each bottle sold will go to Schools for Africa.

BOSS Orange Man
Eau de Toilette, 40 ml ca. 40,00 Euro*
Eau de Toilette, 60 ml ca. 52,00 Euro*

BOSS Orange Woman
Eau de Toilette, 30 ml ca. 41,00 Euro*
Eau de Toilette, 50 ml ca. 55,00 Euro*


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