Erox is Fronted by Adrianne Curry Plus Filled with Pheromones (2012) {New Fragrance}

erox_comics_ad.jpgThe new trend in this beginning of 2012 is to take your pheromones (see Booty Parlor, Loverdose). Erox is funnier than some of its counterparts thanks to the unexpected combination of eroticism with a plainer argument about "social warmth" which is precisely incongruous for this type of scent. The perfume is, of course, more efficient than the competition. They are using two human pheromones and a supplementary molecule, commercialized for the first time: Muricin Aglycone, not a pheromone...

erox_bottle.pngTag lines are "Erox, the Social Scent" or "Erox, A Weapon of Mass Seduction." The ads rely on comics strips, a video and adverts with images of Adrianne Curry, the first winner of America's Next Top Model.

If you check out the ad above you can see how there is a story unfolding which is similar to the orgy scene in Perfume, the novel, combined with Axe-type standards of irresistible seduction.

But the defining characteristic of Erox is that it's not just for amorous life but for social life in general.

"The Erox fragrance was designed to be worn by and to impact both men and women. The scent is fresh, sleek and modern with notes of grapefruit, bergamot, pepper, lavender and amber."

"The active compounds in Erox are patented or patent-pending and have been proven to work through scientific studies. Two of these components increase feelings of confidence and well-being in the wearers and those around them. More importantly, the third compound, Muricin Aglycone (ER303), has been shown to increase arousal, excitement, social-warmth, and sensuality in both men and women."

"Early reports from our beta-testers has shown us that Erox is social. It serves as a powerful icebreaker and puts you and your audience in an open, receptive, and friendly mood. The way you usually feel around people you love and trust. We have received great feedback from people who have used Erox for dating, business networking, socializing, and even some who have used it to put the spark back into their existing relationships."


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