Louis Vuitton on Jewelry, Luxury, Fragrance & Their New Nose Jacques Cavallier {Fragrance News}

Louis_Vuitton_Window_ok.jpgYves Carcelle, the PDG of LVMH since 1990 and until the end of 2012 when he is due to retire while remaining in his capacity as head of the Louis Vuitton Foundation from 2013, commented on the opening of a jewelry workshop on Place Vendôme for the brand, as well as their timetable for developing their upcoming fragrance. He confirms that Grasse will be the new nucleus for their perfume atelier, while stressing that time is the essence of luxury, so that there is no incentive to pressure their in-house perfumer Jacque Cavallier in producing more quickly and less well...


"We just at the beginning [sic]. We've recruited the famous 'nose', Jacques Cavallier, and we are in the final phase of buying a country house in Grasse," on the French Riviera, where the perfume laboratory will be built, he said.

"It's like when we recruited Marc Jacobs and they asked us the date of the first collection, we replied 'when Marc is ready': it's the same thing here, now it's 'when Jacques is ready'," Carcelle said.

See our previous post on the LVMH interest in planting roots in Grasse with the purchase of a historical house to serve as a lab.

Jacques Cavallier has been quoted as saying that he left Firmenich and joined LVMH based on a sense of sharing of similar values, including the respect of know-hows, the artisanal mindset and the quest for the most noble essences. He is said to have embarked on travels to first and foremost look for the best perfumery ingredients that can be found, a defining characteristic of the Haute-Parfumerie sector.

Via AFP ; Nice-Matin


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