Bruce Willis Lovingly (2012) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

Lovingly_Bruce_Willis_ad_2.jpgYou might have some trouble picturing to yourself Bruce Willis next to a fragrance bottle. The more so if the latter looks dainty and sports a satiny bow. Even a men's cologne with the name of Bruce Willis on it feels like an unnatural pairing. This is because he's become famous for roles in which he seems to be able to last for weeks without a drop trickling down from any shower (Die Hard, Live Free or Die Hard). So, Bruce Willis Lovingly sounds like spying Bruce Willis walking down the street in a pink tutu, unaware that he is looking odd...

Developed with the Westphalia-based cosmetics manufacturer LR Health & Beauty Systems, Lovingly is the actor's second signature perfume and is said to be a tribute from Willis to his second wife Emma Heming-Willis, also the spokesperson for the perfume.

"Rough, hard, with a somewhat aloof personality and always in search of new adventures - that’s the image of action hero that everybody recognizes. However, with the introduction of his new women’s fragrance “Lovingly by Bruce Willis”, Bruce Willis is now also expressing his very private side for the first time. The result is a perfume that mirrors the Hollywood couple’s sincere love and zest for life."

Top notes: fresh, green citrus fruits

Heart notes: dreamy bouquet of white blossoms

Base notes: sandalwood and musk.

Price: 34,50€ at



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