Chloé by Chloé the Original is still Available {Perfume Shopping Tip}

Chloe_original_eau_de_toilette.jpgThe 1975 Chloé, a bold, monolithical tuberose perfume tinted a rather deep ambery and russet color is usually thought to be discontinued.

Having spotted it occasionally on the shelves at Sephora in France and having just spied it on the Target website, it is perhaps time to right a wrong perception by observing that while it is not widely distributed, the fragrance is still available in relatively limited distribution channels....

The Target website mentions the fact that it is not available in their stores but can be purchased online. The 100 ml bottle is sold-out. The 50 ml is still available.

It sometimes happens that a beloved perfume with a faithful following is kept in circulation although never the object of an advertising campaign. This is when a designer perfume turns into something of a hidden gem.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren and No.4 by Jil Sander are other such examples, kept nearly under wraps at Ulta these days.

Diorama and Diorling were also purchasable on a confidential basis, and only if you had the right fax number a few years ago or the right shopping tip. Diorama was re-edited in 2010 by the perfume house and in 2012 it is the turn of Diorling (we're always tempted to say "who," especially when perfumes have souls) which will probably join its peers at Sephora.

Let others know if you know of any other once popular perfumes which are still available, somewhere.

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