Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Eau de Parfum (2001) {New Fragrance} {Perfume Images & Ads}

Castelbajac_parfum_ad_pub.jpgFrench fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac launched his signature Eau de Parfum in 2001. It might or it might not be back soon. The perfume was created by perfumer Maurice Roucel then at Dragoco, now at Symrise (est. 2003) resulting from the merger of Dragoco with Haarmann & Reimer.

The fragrance, a floral oriental, is something of cultural olfactory icon for those in the know thanks to its association with the extremely popular scent of French school supply glue, colle Cléopâtre originally created in 1930, scented with bitter almonds from 1935 to overcome market competition...

The EDP is currently available only in very limited distribution and through inner-circle channels. It might however be brought back more widely to market in the not-so-distant future as there are currently business discussions going on about the possibility of that option. But nothing is certain.

The flacon designed by Sylvie de France imitates the downy jackets designed by Castelbajac and illustrates his love of vibrant colors, red especially. An EDT version exists in pink.

Top: bitter almonds, orange blossom

Heart: lily of the valley, cyclamen, jasmin

Base: vanilla, heliotrope, musk, cedar wood, patchouli.


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