Springtime in Paris: Ivy, Bamboos, Lilacs & a Screen {Scented Paths} {Perfume Images}


This is yet another picture taken last year during the spring in Paris. Right now the weather is overcast, rainy, and it's still officially winter at any rate.

I wonder how the ivy has grown since a year ago and want to go take a peek later this year.

A lovely, poetic vista onto a close-quartered haven of greenery.

Although private gardens are not that common in Paris, you can still find pockets of shrubbery and attempts at vegetal landscaping intra muros.

Not to mention hidden away tiny municipal gardens, flowering balconies and inner courtyards the latter concentrating, sometimes, all the leftover plants that past residents left behind. The latter contributions end up forming veritable potted gardens spreading out and balanced out on cobblestones: "Sur les pavés, le jardin" to paraphrase the 1968 slogan "Sous les pavés, la plage".

Springtime in Paris 1

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