Springtime in Paris: Red Doors, Green Ivy, L'Heure Bleue Shutters {Perfume Images} {Scented Paths}

spring_paris_red_doors_2.jpgThis picture was actually taken last year. One of the great pleasures of living in Paris is to take whimsical strolls throughout its streets. I am always surprised to discover "new doors" by which I mean, doors that have existed for ages but which are suddenly lit by the sun, which enables you to "discover" them. Don't ask me why, I love doors.

The shutters are actually white but in the morning, with that light, they looked mauvish. Very L'heure bleue, except it was not that blue hour which officially diffuses its purplish, bluish pigments just before the sun sets for good.

The ivy which comes tumbling down adds drama and a romantic flourish, and of course, cleans the air. Little gardens can be grown anywhere. It's even more indispensable where you least expect it. (The image is clickable for a large view of the street).

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