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A recently revamped blog analytics feature gives a better, clearer idea about who the visitors are that read The Scented Salamander blog (excluding in this case stats for the overall site

So, it sort of jumped at me what the Top Ten Countries, as well as the Top Ten Cities are that visit the site, factoids I usually pay a moderate attention to. I personally think it's even funner to see what the Top Ten Cities are as it feels more tangible and concrete.

A big wave to everyone, even if you are not from one of the top 10 locations listed in this post...

The Top Ten Countries that read The Scented Salamander are:

1- United States

2 - United Kingdom

3 - France

4 - Germany

5 - Canada

6 - Brazil

7 - Italy

8 - Australia

9 - Spain

10 - Netherlands

The Top Ten Cities that read The Scented Salamander are:

1 - London

2 - Paris

3 - New York

4 - Not identified

5 - Istanbul

6 - Moscow

7 - Bucharest

8 - Athens

9 - Sydney

10 - Bangkok

As you can see, the two lists do not necessarily coincide. While the United States are the first readers of the blog, New York City is listed in 3rd place after 1) London and 2) Paris.

I won't go as far as saying that these are the most fragrant cities in the world, but it gives some indication of where there are higher concentrations of people who are interested in perfume and the culture around them.

Note: These are current data and they can evolve.

Note 2: Please read our Privacy Policy, which applies comprehensively to the site

Illustration: H & M, 2010-2011 collection.


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