LVDG Group La Virgen de Guadalupe (2012) {New Perfume} {Celebrity Perfume}

virgen_guadalupe_2.jpgIn the Christian tradition, saints are said to exude ineffable perfumes. The Virgin Mary is most often associated with the scent of roses as a sign indicative of her mysterious and enveloping presence...


Mike Rabbanian, the co-founder of the LVDG Group - short for La Virgen de Guadalupe -  has decided to give a more literal illustration of that mystical phenomenon by creating a scent of rose bottled in a flacon representing the image of the Virgen de Guadalupe.

He explained that he was able "to register her image with respect to a fragrance," which sounds like a veritable coup. It sounds even bigger than licensing her erstwhile follower Madonna. At the same time, the perfume product looks so much like a religious souvenir that the fragrance it contains better be more than rosewater to qualify as full-fledged perfume creation.

The question now remains, what kind of a rose perfume befits the Virgin Mary if it's anything else than the natural scent of roses?

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