Miller Harris Le Pamplemousse (2012) {New Perfume}

Miller_Harris_Le_Pamplemousse.jpgBritish niche perfume house Miller Harris have issued a new limited-edition scent called Le Pamplemousse (The Grapefruit) taking inspiration from the groves of organic grapefruit trees growing in La Palmeraie garden in Marrakesh...

Grapefruit has a thiol, sulfur aspect which makes it a potentially interesting citrus note with an edge. With descriptors such as "sharp" and "bitter", it looks like this composition will not minimize the more abrupt facets of the fruit. Pamplelune by Guerlain is a reference in this type of treatment of a grapefruit accord with mordancy.

"Le Pamplemousse is a unique grapefruit fusion with a sparkle and zest heightened by earthy root notes.

The crisp, citrus top notes consist of sharp, bitter grapefruit, tangy rhubarb and green melon combined with delicate Moroccan orange flowers, clary sage and rosemary. These sit on a grounding base of dewy vetiver, tree moss and aromatic Moroccan cedar.

Le Pamplemousse Eau de Parfum is presented in an exclusively designed 50ml bottle and collectors box, alongside a limited edition felt travel pouch adorned with the Miller Harris print."

Price: £90 for 50 ml.

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