Selena Gomez Unveils Kissable Signature Perfume (2012) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

selena-gomez-perfume_bottle.jpgTeen singer Selena Gomez has been working for over a year on her debut signature perfume following in the footsteps of boyfriend Justin Bieber who launched Someday last year.

After months of online consultation with fans, the teen idol has unveiled the bottle of Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum which looks like a cross between a Dali painting and a multiple-eyed creature from Monsters Inc...

The bouquet of shiny mouths on the cap is meant to express the main concept behind the fragrance, that is that the scent be "absolutely kissable".

The three main notes that were voted overwhelmingly in favor of by her online fans are raspberry in the top (55% of votes), purple freesia in the heart (52% of votes) and vanilla in the base (72% of votes).

The full composition has top notes of orange, pineapple, peach and raspberry; a heart of purple freesia, Cosmone musk and dewberry, and a drydown of amber, vanilla, chocolate and coconut.

Gomez said,

"I have three favorite smells in the world: raspberry, vanilla, and freesia, Vanilla just makes me feel cozy and yummy. Raspberry is fun without being too sweet. I love how feminine freesia is. It was important to me that anyone who smelled it found it enticing. I wanted it to be absolutely kissable."

The perfume, which was developed by Givaudan, launches in mid-May 2012 at Macy's. The Eaux de parfum are in two sizes, 1.7 oz. for $45 and 3.4 oz. for $55.

WWD; More at Teen Vogue



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