Yves Rocher FlowerParty Summer (2012) {New Perfume}

Yves_Rocher_Flower_Party_Summer.jpgYves Rocher have released a new flanker to FlowerParty (2010) called FlowerParty Summer. The description of notes suggests a true flanker spiked with summery citrusy ingredients: essential oils (EO) of mandarin, lemon and orange...

Perfumer Philippe Romano, who composed the Eau de Toilette, said that he kept in mind the vision of a summer morning filled with fantasy and optimism, like a mix of juicy fruits with pop colors.

The citrusy EOs he used in the opening of the fragrance, he says, to create a truly incisive and luscious sensation softened in the heart with magnolia. The lingering trail is built around a warm solar accord which is meant to enhance the skin until the evening.

Regular price: 36€ (50ml)

Introductory price: 19,90€

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