Aramis Perfume Calligraphy Created for the Arabian Consumer (2012) {New Perfume}

Aramis_perfume_calligraphy.jpgAramis of the Estée Lauder Cos. have released a new perfume called Perfume Calligraphy in that series of Western-born, Middle-East-consumer-inspired scents we have seen emerge with Georges Stahl Elle d'Elissa first then Estée Lauder Wood Mystique, Renato Balestra Essenza Divina and Thierry Mugler Miroir des Majestés. While the Aramis brand equates masculine colognes, Perfume Calligraphy is explicitly said to be a gender neutral or "unisex" composition - arguably in keeping with the regional culture. It bears the signature of fragrance developer Trudi Loren...

The perfume descritption evokes an oud-rich sillage, unsurprisingly, see Oud Trend 1 and Oud Trend 2.

"Perfume Calligraphy by Aramis reflects the pairing of two ancient crafts, where Arabic Script and modern fragrance come together as an artistic expression of one’s own personal style."

Top notes open on cardamom, lemon and cinnamon seguing into a heart of balms and precious petals including myrrh, golden saffron flowers and rich rose absolute. The warm base has notes of patchouli, heated ambers, luxurious musk and "a deep aura of oud that lingers in the air and on the skin".

The flacon logo was designed by graphic artist Tarek Attrissi.

"This handcrafted image is modeled after the word "Calligraphy", in Arabic, which is composed of 2 words. Each of the words is crafted in an opposing style. One word is modern, more geometric and more typographic; the other word is more traditional, organic and calligraphic. This contrast illustrates the unisex fragrance concept and it reflects the approach of "calligraphy" to interpret traditions with a contemporary twist."

Available exclusively at Harrods, £105 for 100 ml edp.

Via press release 

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