Courrèges Empreinte, Eau de Courrèges, Blanc de Courrèges (2012): Comeback Perfumes Plus One {New Fragrances}

Courreges_perfumes.jpgThe house of Courrèges are making a come-back on the fragrance scene with the recent releases of two of their vintage perfumes plus one new creation. Launched initially in 1970, Empreinte was named after the decisive step taken by mankind on the surface of the moon. Eau de Courrèges was born in 1977. The flacons epitomized the MOD style of the 70s, the decade's sensitivity to modernism and futurism set within the context of the space conquest. Blanc de Courrèges is the only new entry but comes dressed in the same garb as the other two...

According to the copy, Empreinte is a great chypre (patchouli) conceived in the tradition of Haute French parfumerie which likes to showcases the quality and preciousness of perfumery ingredients.

Notes are aldehydes, bergamot, mandarin / Bulgarian rose, May rose, jasmine / Mysore sandalwood, patchouli, moss.

Eau de Courrèges EDT is emphasized as being an unisex perfume, "fresh, perfumed like the outdoors". The hesperidic fragrance boasts a wellness impact on mind and body.

Notes: petit grain, bergamot, lime / mint, absinth, muguet / vetiver, patchouli, moss.

Blanc de Courrèges is "of a rare elegance" [...] delicate and intimate, it reveals feminine sensitivity".

Notes are: pink peppercorn, iris petals, lytchee pulp/ heliotrope, coeur d'iris absolute, rose from Grasse / white musks, iris roots, white patchouli.

The two first perfumes are reported to contain the signature Courrèges base of patchouli and moss while the new scent features a more contemporary white patchouli accord, that is in principle one which is cleaner and less earthy than a classic patchouli accord. Tom Ford captured that obscure desire for inverted, paradoxical accords particularly well with his White Patchouli in 2008. In 2010, we talked about New Depth and a perfume structure resembling an oxymoron.

Available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 90 ml.

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