Lyn Harris Collaboration with Marks & Spencer Your Beauty Yields 6 Perfumes {Fragrance News} A New Beauty Destination {Beauty Notes}

mark-spencer_Your_Beauty_Nature_science.jpgMarks & Spencer think they have found the beauty sweet spot with the creation of a new concept for a beauty area called Your Beauty: The Best of Nature & Science. What they wish to convey is objectivity, honesty, eco-consciousness, hard science relevance and a certain form of exclusivity...

Frances Russell, the Trading Director for M&S Beauty and Lingerie said that the aim is,

to offer the very best of nature and science,” across all the major beauty categories, as well as “foreign brands not widely available in the U.K.”

“We want to help women reveal their natural glamour, and to earn their trust with our honesty and expertise. We want to be a new face in beauty,” she said, adding that the focus for the concept would be service, product and the environment.

The inauguration of this new destination will be first conducted on Tuesday May 22, 2012 at the M&S store on London’s Kensington High Street and on the retailer’s Web site. A little under 200 similar concept areas will be opened in the next two years. In the late summer, early fall, the beginning of an international roll-out will take place in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Perfume-wise, some relatively hard-to-access international brands in a medium price range will be made available such as Fragonard and Roget et Gallet.

Going further, M&S have called upon the services of perfumer Lyn Harris of Miller Harris, a British niche brand offering select blends and even bespoke services to rich clients to create 6 fragrances for women and men. So far, the information provided is to say that they will retail for £40 each. 

Sales assistants will not be paid on commission, ensuring a stress-free atmosphere where most often tension prevails for shoppers visiting stores functioning with that system.

Says the brand spokesperson,

“We want to help women reveal their natural glamour, and to earn their trust with our honesty and expertise. We want to be a new face in beauty,”

The marketing alliance of beauty and science is nothing new although it is a fruitful one as it sends a message of objectivity and truth. In fact, it is well-known that one great entrepreneur, Helena Rubinstein, was particularly adroit at exploiting the reassuring background provided by science to convince customers to buy her creams. Brands like Clinique and Kiehls, which sales assistants wear medical blouses belong to this heritage; when we saw Filorga listed in the products going on sale, which does not make particularly WOW products, we had to pause. The real change might be to see more eco-conscious products introduced at that level of the market, although German hard-discount chain LIDL has already done its bit with the Suhada line.

All in all, it will be more than anything else, it seems, a balance of products meant to woo on-trend shoppers, bringing more fashion sense and trendiness to M&S.


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