Stark Scented Oil (2012): Inspired by a Popular Los Angeles Candle {New Perfume}

Stark_scented_oil_perfume.jpgLA-based Stark Waxing Studio are launching a new perfume oil this month called Stark Scented Oil. Its scent is inspired by a popular candle carried by the studio, the Silver Lake candle, which was issued 5 years ago. It's popular enough among customers that they decided to take it a step further to make it both wearable and portable. In keeping with the aesthetic preferences of a current of mainstream Californian perfumery which favors a certain lightness of being, it's a perfume oil and it's a roll-on and it's not meant to intoxicate the senses but rather to underline one's sensuality discreetly and cleanly (see Kai)...

"Owner Paz Stark sought to mimic the fresh, citrus fragrance of the beloved candle into a roll-on perfume. She said,  “I’m a big fan of roll-on scents as they are easy to carry in your purse, travel with or keep at your desk.”  A favorite among her clients since the candle hit shelves five years ago, Paz knew that Silver Lake would translate flawlessly into a personal fragrance."

Stark Scented Oil features essential oils of Sandalwood, Rosa Damascena, Grapefruit, Petit Grain and Vetiver. The blend is said to help "invigorate the senses". Main facets are "uplifting" citrus, earth and subtle floral spices.

"Stark Waxing Studio was awarded “Best Brazilian Wax” in Los Angeles magazine’s Best of Los Angeles issue in 2007 and was singled out for “meticulous attention to eliminating every hair below the equator.”  InStyle, Lucky, Allure and Vanity Fair have also recognized Stark for its premium waxing services."

Available in a 9 ml bottle. SRP: $45.

Via press release

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