Persil Liquid Detergent Now Perfumed with Precious Oud {Fragrance News}

persil_oud_liquid_detergent.jpgThe oud wave is coming full circle. We think we said that once already. It is coming even fuller circle. The household brand name Persil made by Henkel & Cie/ Unilever launched a new Liquid Detergent for White Thobes (Thawbs) destined to the Middle East market which is perfumed with oud, a note meant to denote exclusivity and refinement currently in Western perfumery although there too it has become more and more ubiquitous...

"Persil Liquid Detergent conducted a consumer survey, testing 16 different fine oud fragrance options with consumers. Following this, the company decided on the winning Oud variant, preferred by 90% of consumers."

The shufflling between fine perfumery and functional perfumery has been an ongoing dynamic of fragrance creation reflecting the fluidity of our autobiographical memories of scents and their devil-may-care attitude vis-à-vis market barriers, including Chanel No.5. The little known fact here is that it was inspired to Gabrielle Chanel by the scent of soap and cleanliness on the skin of a French demi-mondaine, Emilienne d'Alençon.

"Interestingly, 100% of those consumers would purchase the Oud fragrance as soon as it is launched, the survey said."

When a perfume note becomes a cultural preference and a personal taste, it can begin to appear everywhere, in high- and down-market. Fragrance makers know that attempting to exploit the taste side of smell, with in particular, gourmand perfumes.

Does this mean that paired with oud, white musk, which denotes clean laundry is also shaping regional tastes to lead them to a more global acceptance of Pure White Fragrances and White Accords in Perfumery?

Read more at Persil Liquid Detergent announces the Launch of all-new Oud Fragrance Variant.

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