Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum (2012) {New Perfume} {Men's Cologne}

dior_eau_sauvage_parfum.jpgChristian Dior Parfums released a new version of Eau Sauvage called Eau Sauvage Parfum which is in fact a misnomer for what really is an eau de parfum, as indicated by the brand in the fine print. But the word "Parfum" retains a glamorous aura befitting the "timeless chic" and "black tie" style that the scent wants to convey...

A little bit of incoherence surfaces when Dior explain that "the great classic imposes for the first time the noblest of concentrations, the eau de parfum". This is not so, the "noblest" is the parfum concentration.

"A new intensity - magnetic and deep. The summum of masculine refinement."

The jus is now colored a deep green-black which creates the illusion that the perfume must be as thick as petroleum.

We smelled it for you (Not a review):

If you enjoy Yatagan by Caron, you are bound to be at least slightly intrigued by the meeting of the luminous Eau Sauvage with the dark forests of the Tatars.

The fragrance is given as a woody, ambery hesperidic perfume. It officially features notes of San Carlo bergamot, Haitian vetiver and myrrh essence from Ethiopia.

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