Diesel Loverdose L'Eau de Toilette (2012) {New Fragrance}

LOVERDOSE-Eau-de-Toilette.jpgDiesel have released a new flanker to Loverdose (2011) called Loverdose L'Eau de Toilette. Preliminary testing reveals that the jus has been carefully reworked. This is no project done while driving on automatic-pilot...

From a packaging point of view, the Baroque heart-shaped flacon is now transparent containing a deep pink perfume. On its side is written the name of the new fragrance in an energetic calligraphic style mimicking an autograph; it is not visible on the picture above, which must be that of a comp. The outer packaging also insists this is "L'Eau de Toilette", not just an "Eau de Toilette". The effect overall is lovely (better-looking in person than in the visuals).

We smelled it for you (Not a review):

There is a more sparkling quality to the fragrance, yet it retains its gourmand-on-steroids personality. Loverdose L'Eau offers also more interesting nuances of dissonance than the original EDP.

The composition is given as an Oriental woody floral. Official list of notes reveals a Granny Smith apple accord in the top followed by orange blossom in the heart all fading into a base of crystal musks.

We think this perfume has the qualities of a hit for 2012 summer and beyond.

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