L'Or Bleu Eau Parfumée en Ouest-Lumière by Kurkdjian & Toma Fetes European Year of Water {Fragrance News}


To celebrate the 2012 European Year of Water, perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and "artist-entrepreneur" Yann Toma have devised a conceptual art installation around the thematic of water for EDF in Toulouse... 

A special drinkable eau was composed by the nose, whose "secret" formula is no longer secret as he reveals it to all. It nevertheless remains complex and impossible to replicate since it relies on particular harvests.

Speaking of "concordances" a notion with Surrealist overtones, Toma who heads the CNRS research unit "Art et Flux", which aims to link art, economy and civil society, notes that in 1371 the Bazacle watermill in Toulouse was founded as the first anonymous capitalist society in the world and a year later, the Queen of Hungary's Water, a perfume in the tradition of rejuvenating perfumed waters, was born. L'Or Beau Eau Parfumée en Ouest-Lumière is the result of these encounters and is said to be "charged with artistic energy".

The short movie illustrating the story of the eau parfumée shows Toma acting as a shaman and Kurkdjian as a perfumer crossed with a mad scientist from the age of alchemists.

The second video is an account of the exhibition,

<h2>L'Or Bleu à l'Espace EDF Bazacle</h2> <p></p>

<h2>Bazacle : Exposition Or Bleu</h2> <p></p>

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