Ken Loach The Angels' Share (2012): Must-See Movie for Scentophiles {Movie Teaser}

La-part-des-anges-un-film-sur-la-liberte-des-branquignols_article_main.jpgOnce in a while you happen on a movie that makes total sense to a scentophile. The new Ken Loach movie The Angels' Share (La Part des Anges) will allow you to indulge your interest in the sense of olfaction, plus tickle your sense of humor as is readily apparent from the trailer...

Bande-annonce du film «La Part des Anges » de... par 20Minutes

Thierry Mugler is the one who bridged the gap between the two worlds of distillery and perfumery with his research into the processes of aging of perfume borrowed from Cognac-making.

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