Brooklyn Dry Goods Spent Musket Oil (2012) {New Perfume} {Men's Cologne}

SPENT_MUSKET_OIL.jpgA local vintage fashion label, Brooklyn Dry Goods, have teamed up with American niche perfumery DS & Durga to create a limited-edition perfume evocatively called Spent Musket Oil. While the scent leans in the direction of a masculine audience, it is said to offer welcome differentiated olfactory variations on either men's or women's skins...

The scent reportedly smells sweeter on a woman's skin and smokier on a man's, a difference one can often notice with some other perfumes.

"Spent Musket Oil takes it's [sic] cue from the other worldly aroma of a Barbary wars era rifle found in the hold of a packet ship in the Brooklyn Navy Yards with accords of vintage birchwood, spent rifle oil, & dried leather hilt warmed by Cavendish tabac, Merchant Marine's bay rhum, & musk."

The only problem with this a priori interesting composition is that only 175 copies were made available. It feels almost like a masochistic act to spring for something sounding so good, yet so bent on lasting ephemerally.

As it is, amateurs of perfume curios might want to check it out.

Price: $130. Available at

 Co-founders Jahn Hall and Kurt Uhlendorf tell more about the composition,

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