The Ice-Cream Stand by the Luxembourg Garden: 1001 Flavors {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}

Floral Ice-Creams by the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris

In our impromptu series, what-you-can-nibble-on while visiting Paris this summer, you can make a pit stop for flavorful ice-creams at one of the gates of the Luxembourg garden, on the side of Boulevard Saint Michel.

The stand is hard to miss with its long yellow scrolls listing a wide variety of flavors ranging from classic to more unusual. One motivation to go have a lick there is to know that they sell a selection of floral-scented ice-creams, which you can't find just anywhere else in the city...


You could have a go at lavender, jasmine, petals of rose, muguet or violet ice-creams.

We tasted lavender and violet - they were already out of the other floral flavors; lavender was in truth too much, overdosed as it was with essential oil. It tasted medicinal and simply burnt your taste buds. Violet on the other hand was true to your general idea of a violet fragrance, closest to Berdoues Violette; it tasted nice.

The ice-cream stand by the Luxembourg offers an impressive array of flavors, not all of them photographed here. We don't think their recipes are as "natural" as they claim them to be, but still, it can be a fun sensory pit stop to try out some of their numerous taste-bud teasers.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Rue de Médicis Rue de Vaugirard

75006 PARIS

Quartier : Saint-Germain-des-Prés / Musée d'Orsay / Montparnasse

  • Odéon
  • RER : Luxembourg
  • Bus : 21,27,38,58,82,83,84,85 ou 89

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