Juliette has a Gun Mad Madame (2012) {New Perfume}

Juliette_Has_a_Gun_Mad_Madame.jpgIrreverently playful niche perfume house Juliette has a Gun pre-released their latest creation dubbed Mad Madame. The brand founded by Romano Ricci is known for their predilection from strong types of women showing their guns with Lady Vengeance, Citizen Queen, Calamity J or now Mad Madame to when they indulge in softer moods such as with Miss Charming and Romantina. R Ricci said it from the start in 2006 the year he founded his house, he was interested in women who "pursue an intense desire for freedom"...

"Look out, Mad Madame is coming and already the rumors are flying. She fascinates, entertains and provokes, leaving a sensual perfumed trail in her wake. Chypre and rose oxide are reworked here in an ultra-modern fashion. Mad Madame dons a scandalous red perfume bottle, printed in black, and utterly bewitching."

Rose chypres are a favorite of the house, so this would be a new variation.

Eau de Parfum 50 ml / 79€ and 100 ml / 103€

The fragrance is a pre-release at concept store Colette in Paris

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