Mega Man & Proto Man Sound a Lot Hipper than Cool Rush & Apple Cinnamon {Fragrance News}

Mega_Man.jpgWhen company Epic Scents state that,

"They have broken down the complexities of timeless video game hero Mega Man and translated him into a scent that will remind gamers not just of the Capcom games, but of the time spent playing them."...

...You are starting to imagine some really out-there geeky fragrance notes. Until you land on firm, solid earth. See for yourself.

The inspiration:

Gamers rreportedly helped define the scent for Mega Man who should smell like "the essence of a boy put into a man's role." The combination of a pure heart and virile qualities of bravery were thought to be best expressed by "a very fresh clear note, like a fresh tropical breeze", musk, and finally citrus. The air freshener fragrance is identifiable as "Cool Rush".

Proto Man's rebellious streak translated into a scent called "Apple Cinnamon", which was said to be "kind of spicy because he's a bit of a rebel."

Food for Thought:

This is a call-out to video gamers. If you buy Mega Man and Proto Man air fresheners know that in fact you will be purchasing scents called Cool Rush and Apple Cinnamon. You could get more generic than that, but it would be difficult. Good luck on enjoying looking at your cut-out figures dangling from your rear-view mirror in your car and renewing your mental associations with these scents which must be found elsewhere in your house, like in your bathroom spritzer and your herbal tea from Celestial Seasonings.

We think that the whole point here is to get you psyched out about the idea of the scents of Mega Man and Proto Man exploiting your love of these superheroes. A true olfactory Identification process between scent and comic figure is in fact the least important concern on the list of priorities here.

So, Gamers, hope your next super-hero air fresheners will smell much weirder than that. You deserve it.

Via The Verge

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