Humiecki & Graef Candour (2012): The Scent of Two Sister Souls {New Perfume}


Continuing their exploration of complex human emotions, Humiecki & Graef are launching their 9th perfume this fall of 2012 called Candour.

Created by perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, it is said to capture a state of "true affinity" between two beings, in the present, future and past as when a desire for discovery starts, an intense relationship has existed and disappeared between two persons yet comes back, or when the possibility arises of reconnecting with a past love...



This state of unfulfilled longing is also alluded to in the swan-feather pattern on the outer box packaging in reference to the myth of Elsa and Lohengrin, inviting us to wonder about what might have happened if they had been able to meet again. 

The composition features notes of green foliage, calamus, ginger root, resins, Violet leaf, olive leaf, sage, wild lavender, almond milk, cardamom, vanilla sticks, sandalwood, muguet.

The overall effect is said to be about rich green notes mixing with a "parchemin" accord to evoke the idea of a long and intimate correspondence. 

Their debut fragrance was called Skarb (see review Part 1 & Part 2) and inspired by the concept of How Men Cry.

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